12:17 pm : 2.Sep.2014
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Partap BajwaChandigarh, September 1, 2014 (Yes Punjab News)

Expressing  serious  concern over the cavalier attitude of the Parkash Singh Badal government in Punjab towards the anganwari children who have not been supplied ration for the last several months,  the state Congress chief, Mr Partap Singh Bajwa today dubbed it as extreme example of non-performance and non-governance.


In a statement, he  said this  state of affairs was shocking as it is the children mostly from the families from the lower strata of the society who were being taken care of in the anganwaris  and nothing could be more shocking that the state government had failed to arrange ration for them for the mid-day meal due to bankruptcy.


“Here is the government which keeps on parroting the  development theme while its practice at the ground level is to the contrary. This also questioned the  often repeated claims by the Deputy Chief Minister Mr Sukhbir Singh  Badal about there being no financial crisis in the state”, he added.


He asserted winning elections through rigging, money and muscle power along with the misuse of official machinery was altogether different and the irony was that the Badal government claimed such victories as the vote for development. He pointed out in Talwandi Sabo, the complaints by the people about the lack of basic amenities on the very first day of Mr Badal’s sangat darshan programme should be an eye opener. He said these complaints flew in the face of the claims made by  the Badals that the massive mandate in Talwandi Sabo was for development.


Taking pot shots at Mr Badal for asking the government officials at Talwandi Sabo as to how much cut they received while carrying out development  works, the PPCC chief said either he should take strong action against the culprits or confess that his writ did not run in the state and he was helpless. In case the Chief Minister had the information, he should act against such officials rather than betraying his own ineptitude. It had been known to Mr Badal all along as he was in the saddle for the fifth term but strangely, he had never given the signal of being tough against corruption and the reasons were too obvious. In a manner, Badal is directly perpetuating corruption and encouraging the corrupt officials.


Mr Bajwa said it was the neglect of the children taken care of at the anganwaris during the day which was all the more serious and betrayed total apathy  towards such a sensitive issue. He felt that nothing could be more important than the health of the children and any government    showing such wilful neglect had no right to be in office.


He called upon Mr. Badal to disburse funds to the anganwaris  by  giving this issue a top priority.