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Arun Jaitely Capt Amarinder PunAmritsar, April 24, 2014 (YP Bureau)

Former Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh today questioned Arun Jaitley’s blurred vision of Amritsar inherent with so many contradictions. “With Bikram Majithia, who is openly patronising drugs and criminals, being his man Friday and campaign manager, how can Jaitley visualise of a drug free and crime free Amritsar?” he asked.

Referring to Jaitley’s claims that he visualised “Amritsar as safe city where there is zero tolerance for crimes against women”, Capt Amarinder observed, he (Jaitely) appears to be blissfully ignorant about the killing of an Assistant Sub Inspector of Police Ravinder Singh, in Amritsar in broad day light by one of the Bikram Majithia’s goons Ranjit Rana as he objected to the harassment of his daughter. It took so many days for the police to nail the culprit as he was being protected by Majithia, Capt Amarinder said.

Referring to Jaitley’s vision for “a drug free Amritsar where the drug smuggling across the border is handled as strictly as the terrorist infiltration”, Capt Amarinder told him, the real threat is not the drugs from across the border as most of these are seized by the BSF and the police, the real problem was homemade synthetic drugs under the patronage of Bikram Majithia, who has already been named in the case related to international drug racket and is likely to be prosecuted soon.

 “I am surprised that Jaitley has still not learnt the difference between the drugs coming from across the border and those manufactured within Punjab under the government patronage which are more deadly and dangerous”, he remarked, while referring to Jaitely’s silence on the home grown synthetic drugs.

About Amritsar’s development vision, Capt Amarinder asked Jaitely to better refer to his Amritsar City Development Project which he (Capt Amarinder) had got prepared in 2006 for 20 years of Amritsar’s development. “You better ask Navjot Sidhu how much he was allowed to develop Amritsar”, he told Jaitely.

Giving an example, he told Jaitley, that he may not have been informed that the Elevated Corridor to the Golden Temple was got constructed by him with vehicles straightway reaching the multi-storey parking. “Besides, the proposals for various elevated roads were prepared and started during my government only”, he informed Jaitley.

‘Temporarily hacked’
Captain Amarinder asked Jaitley as what does “temporarily hacked” mean. Referring to Jaitley saying, “my website has only been temporarily hacked” Capt Amarinder remarked, “we have heard of the server going down or website going down temporarily but never heard a website being hacked temporarily”.

“It is for the first time that somebody is saying that his website has been hacked temporarily”, he said, while remarking, “probably the hacker might have told him that he is hacking it temporarily and will release it once elections are over”.

But, Capt Amarinder added, “Jaitely’s website says a different story, saying, ‘we have stepped out for a while and will be back soon’, may be with hacker’s permission.”


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