6:40 am : 29.Aug.2014

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Briton kept two wives for 20 years, commits suicide after being exposed

 Andrew Ingham

London, June 24 (Agency)


A supermarket manager in Britain committed suicide after the two families he had been hiding just 10 miles apart for more than two decades discovered his secret double life, Daily Mail reported.


Andrew Ingham, 50, divided his time between 12 children by two "wives" who lived within a 20-minutes drive of each other in Hertfordshire.


But he committed suicide when Jacqueline, his legal spouse of 30 years, and his mistress Anita Barrett found out about each other, an inquest heard, according to Mail Saturday.


He sank into depression when they both left him in December last year and he was found dead in a tiny flat after being forced to move there three months later.


His older children discovered his double life by piecing together clues they found on Facebook, and both women met in December.


Remarkably, he fathered four children with his mistress and eight children with his wife. Ingham's oldest child with his wife is 27, while his youngest child is eight.

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